The 60 Second Pitch

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A bit of context

I wanted to share something that I hope one day I can revisit. This was an idea I pitched at a startup weekend that I and several other amazing folks actually ended up working on for a little bit.

The Pitch: learningForest

Imagine 100 people go through a forest, but do not leave any markings on the trees behind. New people entering the forest will be just as lost as the those before them.

Now imagine 100 people go through a forest which HAS markings. (1) They do not have to start from scratch. (2) These markings help to guide them through. (3) And as more people go through, pathways begin to form.

When I am learning a new skill, the internet can feel like that unmarked forest. There are so many resources, I don’t always know where to start or what to even search. It can be quite overwhelming.

I want to create a tool that tracks people’s learning pathways AND an online platform that curates, aggregates and displays that information, so now learners don’t have to start from scratch.

Not only would they be able to see how others have learned before them and what websites and tools they found useful, but they could also find fellow learners on the same learning path or reach out to those who are further along in their progress (path).

The more this tool/platform gets used, the better it becomes, just like how the paths in the marked forest become clearer as more travelers go through.


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